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Brave new screenless display

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In what may seem like a prophecy from Bladerunner 2, display manufacturers are seeing new growth opportunities due to advancements in screenless display across a wide range of solutions for multiple applications.

Screenless display which includes holograms and projections straight onto the human retina are no longer a sci-fi fantasy.


A series of factors including the miniaturization of electronic components, the fast evolution of wireless networks and navigation plus the adoption of smart devices across various industries are expected to fuel advancements in the screenless display industry.

There are three types of screenless display technology: Synaptic Interface which is considered to be the most advanced technology and is under great development; visual image display which includes things like holograms where the interface between an object and a laser beam creates an illusion of 3D image. And retinal display which will project the image directly to user’s retina.  Light is not deflected in retinal display but projected straight to person’s retina, and hence, an authorized person can view the information.


This is extremely helpful for the maintenance of security and privacy of contents. The intensity of display can be controlled even through the user’s voice.

Screenless displays will emerge across a range of developing applications. Analysts IDC claim that screenless head-mounted displays are poised for explosive growth led by mobile phone vendors. Recent research states that screenless head-mounted displays will make up 62.9% of all Virtual Reality shipments in China in 2017. Screenless head-mounted displays offer consumers a decent VR experience at a relatively low price while also helping to boost VR product awareness among consumers.

The rapid advancement of screenless displays suggests that they are likely to replace touch screen displays shortly. The hardware component is expected to get economical in due course of time. However, this technology is not completely developed, and its availability is limited to a small range of products.

Aside from obvious entertainment and media applications, science and medical demands are also driving demand in the screenless displays market.

Applications such as holographic videos, retinal display via bionic contact lenses and virtual reality headsets for medical usage are flourishing. Up until now, these applications have been thwarted by problems regarding space restriction and portability in screen-based displays. But now technology advancements and 3D infrastructure growth and the proliferation of big screen mobile phones are helping explosive boost growth.

Meanwhile, high-end design has also gotten behind the screenless push with designers Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet working together to produce the Alo smartphone.

The Alo provides a fully vocalized interface in all phone functions. It reads SMS and emails, and even allows them to dictate their messages rather than typing them. The phone’s camera acts as an ‘eye.’ Among other things, it allows the reader to read the texts he detects or to identify the faces. It also allows you to project a 3D hologram to view a movie or message.

The Alo Smartphone features a small camera-projector combo which projects three-dimensional images, messages, and movies, preparing for the time when we will confront with content having length, breadth and depth.

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